VHDL Code Generator

Binary Counter

This page allows you to interactively design a binary counter. The schematic module diagram below will adjust to reflect the settings as you choose them. When you have selected your chosen options, press the "Generate VHDL" button and the tool will produce VHDL code corresponding to the configured counter. You are free to cut and paste this code into your own projects.

Schematic Diagram
You need to enable Java in your browser to see the counter schematic.

Width bits
Type Up count on clock
Down count on clock
Up/Down count with independent clocks
Up/Down directional with separate clock
Reset Asynchronously resettable to value: decimal
Enable Provide an Enable/Disable input
Active high enable
Active low enable

VHDL Source Code

The VHDL for your counter will appear here when you press the Generate VHDL button…

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